Bid on a lifetime address and support a worthy cause.

We recently auctioned some lifetime addresses to benefit St. Jude. Now it’s time to do it again with our other favorite cause, The Trevor Project!

The winning bidder can choose a brand new lifetime address or opt to convert an existing address to a lifetime membership. This is an awesome way to get a permanent slice of the omglolverse while helping a worthy cause!

Bidding is currently closed. Congratulations to the winner, and a huge thanks to everyone who participated!

A new lifetime address

Choose a brand new lifetime address (check availability here) or convert your existing address to lifetime status.

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To bid, send an email to with your bid amount (in USD) within the message body. Or if you have a fancy email client, you can use the button below.

Bid via email!

The Process

Bidding is processed via email, because email is great! To place a bid, follow the instructions beneath each item.

Our auctioneer robot will swiftly open your email, process your bid, and reply with a confirmation message. If you don’t receive the confirmation message (check your spam/junk!), you can refresh this page to see if the current high bid matches your bid amount. If it doesn’t, your bid wasn’t recorded (email The auctioneer robot won’t accept bids from senders whose email messages don’t pass SPF/DKIM/DMARC. (Need a mail service that will always pass?)

If you’re outbid, we’ll send an email to let you know. Just in case, though, you should probably check in on this page periodically to monitor the high bid amount for your item. If it winds up higher than what you previously bid, you’ve been outbid!

When the auction ends, you’ll be notified via email and provided with an invoice. Please pay the invoice! If you don’t pay it within 72 hours, we’ll offer the item to the second-highest bidder at their high bid amount.

Good luck, and happy bidding!

Auction Rules

Please don’t bid unless you intend to pay the amount that you bid.

We may follow up on suspicious bids. We may also remove bids if we’re unable to verify them.

Sniping isn’t fun, so please don’t do that. While we appreciate all bids (we want to raise as much money as possible!), nobody likes losing out on something because someone waltzed in at the last second to place their bid. Legitimate bidding wars can happen at the end of an auction, sure, but if you want to participate in one of those you should start it at a time that gives others an opportunity to place their own counter-bids.

If you made a mistake with your bid and need it removed or cancelled, please contact right away.

Finally, and most importantly, have fun!

What’s up with the emoji for high bidders?

To protect privacy, we create a hash of email addresses using the Unicode v15.0 set. (In plain English, we turn your email address into an emoji.) You can tell which emoji is yours by looking at the bid history and matching it with an amount that you have bid. You can keep your emoji private or tell others about it (but be careful, it can’t be changed!).

Have a question, or need some help?

Contact at any time.